Top: Assembled Heat Exchanger Ready for Dispatch

Waste Heat Recovery Project Description:

This project by Tekníva covered the design & supply of two heat exchangers for waste heat recovery on diesel generator sets. At full engine load 1500 kg/h of gas is exhausted at 500 ºC to atmosphere.

Our system was designed to recover

on all the components subjected to pressure. All the tubes are seal welded to the tube sheets and then re-expanded. All components are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel.

Top: Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Showing the Tubes and Internal Baffle Plate



Top: Each Tube is Welded to the Tube Plate

130 kW of this waste heat whilst limiting back pressure on the engine to less that 1500 Pa. In these types of applications it is crucial not to reduce engine output with high back pressure.

Water is continuously circulated through the shell side of the heat exchanger and is heated to 120 ºC. The water is stored in a pressurized reservoir and is used for various purposes, e.g. factory heating, factory cleaning, showers, etc. Each heat exchanger is furnished with a gas bypass duct and damper arrangement to control the water temperature.

Our unit comprises a shell and tube configuration, complete with internal baffle plates, inlet, outlet and safety relief valve nozzles, drain and vent connections. The end covers are removable for ease of cleaning the tubes exposed to the exhaust gases. The heat exchangers are very robust. Full penetration butt welds are used





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