We believe that we, as a company, have the responsibility to develop the potential of our employees, to increase their professional capacity by providing opportunities for growth, to make a difference in our people's lives. The best way to do it is by equipping them with new skills or by uplifting the level of their existing skills.

More than 50% of Tekniva's workforce is currently studying. We have a number of full-time students as well as part-time students. Currently, Tekniva is supporting

Some of the topics we have covered are listed below:

  • Presentation Skills Training (1 February 2011)

  • Application of SANS 347 Design Code (11 January 2011)

  • Carab Integration Training (Process with Eskom) (1 February 2011)

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance Session (full day)

  • Engineering Manufacturers Site Visit Training (ELCA) (28 February 2011)

  • Draughting Training on AutoDesk Inventor.

more than half of our employees with their studies.

External & Internal Skills Development

  • We are providing a number of paid study leave days per year to our employees. These days can be used for relevant courses, to attend classes, to prepare for exams as well as to write exams. Tekniva carries the cost of these days as an overhead since no production is received from these employees.

  • We provide financial assistance through study bursaries at tertiary institutions.

  • We have an in-house training program where we empower and improve on the technical knowledge levels of employees through dedicated training sessions.




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